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This past week marked the beginning of production for the first official Resolved Music project. A while back Rick Holland asked me to consider starting a worship resource ministry that would flow out of the Resolved conference. God has blessed our ministry with humble and gifted musicians and writers who share a singular passion for seeing Christ glorified in our musical expressions of worship. It’s a privilege to work alongside of them in Crossroads and now in the beginning stages of Resolved Music.

There’s an old saying that goes ”Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!” The topic of study at Resolved 2008 is heaven and hell. In preparation for the conference, I have been freshly convicted by how often I do not live in light of eternity. This is a mindset that should affect every aspect of my life and interaction with others. This world is not my home, and yet I have to wonder how often my choices communicate that my mindset is very much in this world.  I am convinced that, unlike the generations of believers before us, we have lost sight of what it means to truly live according to the hope of our glorious home. I also believe that we fail to evangelize in light of the eternal judgement that awaits those who do not embrace Christ as Lord. 

As I considered putting a Resolved Music project together, I was struck by the absence of worship songs that focus on our glorious hope. After much prayer, it seemed appropriate for the Resolved Music team to take on the task of writing and producing a few songs that would do just that. The Lord brought together the right team for this project and it has been a remarkable experience to see it take shape. Ryan Foglesong (e. bass, writer) and David Zimmer (drums, writer) stepped up to take the challenge of writing for the album. Their combined efforts have yielded incredible songs that focus you on that day when we’ll be in the presence of our Savior. Rick Holland has been a tremendous help in writing lyrics that are bathed in the rich truth of Scripture.  Brian Steckler is producing the album and has brought a dimension of skill and creativity that has exceeded my hopes and expectations. It has been a thrill to say the least.

The CD will have a total of 12 songs, 10 of which are brand-new and 2 that are updated hymn arrangements. I’ll continue posting updates here over the next few weeks. The album is appropriately titled O For The Day and we’re aiming to release it on June 13 at Resolved. Stay tuned!

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