It’s a Wrap!


I just finished laying down sweet BGVs (thanks John and Brian!) for Alive in Christ. This song is a Ryan Foglesong original and is definitely competitive with Finally Home as my favorite. Alive in Christ made its recorded debut on the Chasing Cadence album Awake O’ Sleeper. Which, by the way, is a fantastic album and highly recommended.

Read the lyrics of the first verse -

Awake O sleeper, the Lord is thy keeper
Arise from the grave to life unmarred
Stand firm your ground, take heart, you soldier now
The war is won but the battle’s just begun

Now add some epic strings, electric guitars and rockin’ drums and you’ve got a huge song!


We’re now wrapped on the vocals for all 12 songs! We’re going to spend the morning at Lake Tahoe tomorrow before heading to the airport.

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