GTY Cruise Day 1


We woke up early this morning to get our luggage prepared, grab breakfast and get a quick walk down to the beautiful Vancouver port before meeting our group to head to the ship. We ate breakfast at a charming little market called Urban Fare just a block from the hotel. Then, at 10:30AM, we met up with the Grace To You staff and took a shuttle bus to the ship. Boarding the ship is an experience all by itself. First, you must go through customs, have your passport scanned and then head off to go through X-ray machines. From there you are handed a form that asks some very personal, and shall we say “irregular,” questions to make sure that you’re not going to bring any epidemics aboard. Then they march you off to the check-in desk where you are greeted by a very happy Holland-America employee. That’s where you have your picture taken, sign a couple of forms, give them a credit card for on-board expenses and receive the official “Welcome Aboard!” As part of the Grace To You staff, we were allowed to board about 4 hours earlier than the rest of the passengers so thankfully we did not have to wait in long lines.

Lis and I have been looking forward to this cruise for a long time so the the moment we were finally granted passage to board was very exciting. Our ship is called the MS Statendam (Stah-ten-dahm). We found our stateroom right away and were welcomed by a beautiful ocean view along with info and gifts from Grace To You! We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of Grace To You. We are so grateful to Kory Welch an John MacArthur for inviting us to enjoy this incredible week with them. After exploring every corner of the ship and going to the safety drill with the crew, we grabbed some lunch at the buffet and went down to the VanGough lounge where we attended our first general session with the group as we were leaving Vancouver. Our cruise MC, Paul Sailhammer, officially welcomed us aboard and introduced the special guests. One of our guests on board is Colonel Jeff Williams, United States Astronaut! John led the group in 3 worship songs and Kory sang an arrangement of Psalm 23. John MacArthur gave the group a Grace To You ministry update and then introduced his topic for the week. We’re going to be studying Jesus’ prayer in John 17.

We’re really looking forward to this week.

Stay Tuned!

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