Our Favorite Eats

We’re foodies. We admit it. We love a cool restaurant with great food and a nice atmosphere. We love all kinds of restaurants and we’ve been to our fair share. This list will be a bit of a hodgepodge because, as my brother-in-law put it,

One nice thing about being middle class is that you can go to Denny’s and The Tam’o'Shanter and enjoy them both equally.

There’s bound to be something here to fit your taste and your budget.

* = Fills the Hole ** = Really Good *** = Wow **** = Change Your Life

$ ($15-25 per couple - dinner and dessert)

**The Baked Potato
Studio City, CA
Smokey hole in the wall with world class jazz serving 21 amazing baked potato specials.

**Chili John’s
Burbank, CA
Classic American diner serving up a menu for chili lovers. The first and oldest restaurant in Burbank, CA.

*Ohana Hawaiian BBQ
Burbank, CA
Great for quick weekday lunch or pre-movie dinner. Sweet and tangy BBQ.

**Poquito Mas on Olive
Burbank, CA
Fresh, flavorful, authentic.

**Portos Bakery Cafe
Burbank, CA
Don’t let the long lines discourage you…they move fast and serve a great lunch. The lines are long for a reason!

$$ $35-50 per couple - dinner and dessert)

**Aroma Cafe
Studio City, CA
It’s cozy, quaint and trendy. Lunch was fantastic and I hear their famous cakes are delicious. There is outdoor, garden-style seating wrapped all around the building and a great little bookstore inside.

**Chadaka Thai
Burbank, CA
Trendy, vibe, tasty Thai food.

*Dino’s Pizza
Burbank, CA
One of the last old pizza chalets you can find that has resisted the chain and retained its personality. Some of the best grease in town!

***Egg Plantation
Newhall, CA
Great Saturday morning brunch though I wish they were open for dinner! A country cottage with 101 omelet varieties - all delicious. Our favorites - Plantation Benedict & Angelita’s Special.

***The French Crepe Co.
Los Angeles, CA - The Farmers Market
WOW. This is why I love crepes. Great place to visit in the middle of the Farmer’s Market for breakfast. lunch, or dinner and don’t miss out on a dessert crepe.

*Gourmet 88
Burbank, CA
Standard Chinese-American faire off the beaten path.

Burbank, CA
WOW. If you haven’t had Guantanamera you haven’t had Cuban food.

***Hurry Curry of Tokyo
Pasadena, CA
mmmmm… Chicken Cutlet Curry.

**Pei Wei
Valencia, CA
Cafe version of PF Chang’s. Good Food Fast.

***Riverside Cafe
Burbank, CA
The best kept secret of Burbank. 5 star food in a quiet, equestrian neighborhood cafe.

$$$ ($50-75 per couple - dinner and dessert)

***The Great Greek
Sherman Oaks, CA
OPA! Prepare yourself for a coriander-infused ethnic celebration. Whatever you do, get the “flaming cheese” (AKA Saganaki) appetizer.

**Marmelade Cafe
Sherman Oaks, CA
A cozy cottage great for brunch.

****Picanha Churrascaria
Burbank/Palm Desert, CA
The perfect blend of trendy and traditional. Super delicious - COME HUNGRY

**Tony’s Bella Vista
Burbank, CA
The first time we had pizza here, the owner told us “It’s the best pizza in the town.” He was right. That goes for the rest of the menu too. This is what an Italian restaurant is supposed to be.

Northridge, CA
We’ve been here so many times, we’re in danger of being regulars. Can’t beat the slow roasted tri-tip.

$$$$ ($100+ per couple - dinner and desert)

****Chaya Brasserie
Beverly Hills, CA
Fantastic French-Asian Fusion. Don’t miss the Bread Pudding.

****La Boheme
West Hollywood, CA
Ultra romantic. Perfect for special occasions. Fashionable uptown gourmet. Ask for a booth and you’ll feel like you’ve got the place to yourself.

****Lawry’s The Prime Rib
Beverly Hills, CA
Where rich old people go for prime rib.

****The Melting Pot
Pasadena, CA
High style ambiance. Wow fondue.

****The Palm
Los Angeles, CA
Old fashioned steak house where Hollywood elite can be spotted. Tons of character.

At the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA
Super trendy & metro. They have a cheese cart. C’mon! Need I say more?

Rancho Mirage, CA
“Fresh ingredients, assertive flavors, deliciously wrapped in a Hawaiian state of mind.”

****Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Beverly Hills / Pasadena, CA
We once saw Jack Nicholson here. It’s a steak experience.

****Stella Mares
Santa Barbara, CA
Romantic atmosphere with Napa Valley cuisine.

****The Summit House
Fullerton, CA
Rich English cuisine with sweeping views of Orange County.

****Tam ‘o Shanter
Los Angeles, CA
Fine Scottish faire in an old world atmosphere. It’s Los Angeles’ oldest restaurant operated by the same family in the same location. Don’t miss the chocolate soufflĂ© - order it when you order your drinks. It takes 45 minutes to cook.